Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Behind every great man is a women rolling her eyes (Jim Carrey)

Weddings smeddings.

Recently, we had a visit to the Red Phoenix Farm from Adam and Ashleigh. Jade also popped in for a few days.

Adam/Ashleigh are considering their marriage plans at the moment and considering their needs as well as the needs of their families.

It's tough trying to satisfy a diverse range of people. I offer the sage words of Karl Pilkington as the definitive word on marriage.

According to Karl, in his book The Moaning Of Life which Jade gave me for Father's Day, "if two people want to get married , they should just get on with it. Why all the palaver?" 

Wedding cakes sum up the whole wedding situation for Karl - over the top, unnecessarily complicated, no one really enjoys it, and it's sickly sweet.

The man makes a lot of sense.

Something that doesn't make sense for me right now is the reaction to the death of Joan Molinsky (better known by her stage name - Joan Rivers). 

Why all the emotion surrounding it?  

I never liked her style of bitchy, abrasive, satirical comedy; making fun of the Holocaust is never a good idea.

She once said to me, "You can tune me out, Wozza, you can click me off, it's OK." So I did! 

Of much more interest to me is the start of the new NFL season. Go Steelers! Go 49ers!

Love and peace - Wozza

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