Saturday, September 20, 2014

There's so much you have to go through (Cat Stevens)

September 21, 2009

Five years ago Graham Nugent Purdy passed away peacefully in the early hours. Five years??  I know I am incredulous every year but five years? Really?

Jade was around recently and had lots of questions one night about SWMBO's cousins. Although some of my cousins are part of the whanau, she also had questions about them too.

So I thought this post would include some archive material about Jade/Samantha/Adam/Keegan's great grandmother great grandfather (Deedoo), and grandmother - none of whom they ever met, as well as Graham Purdy natch.

I know I've used this photo before but all the Purdy players
and present. William, Graham, Christina, Wozza, Deedoo,
Dulcie Mary, and Ross.

Wozza, Deedoo, Grandma and Ross

Their passport photos for the trip to England to see Christine

Graham and his mum

Graham and his dad

Mum and dad with Ross and a photobomber

Graham and Dulcie - together again

Love and peace to you always - Warren

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