Friday, September 19, 2014

All the comforts of home have been denied (The Only Ones)

I'm just emerging from a marathon marking session and I'm cream crackered. My brain struggles to remain on task for long periods of time generally but when faced with a continual stream of essays it overloads and turns to mush.

It's been a dollop of English internal standards for three year levels with multiple essays for each student followed by a plethora of benchmark practice exams which generated a whole new pile of essays to mark. Student reports were thrown into the mix as well.

Sadly the Wozza blog and the lawns suffer at these times as a consequence. As well as exam marking I also spent nine hours over the course of last weekend trying to tame the lawns at Red Phoenix Farm. 


We do have a study break coming up next week during part of which I am attending the ulearn conference in Rotorua. The break will, at least, provide some regular lawn cutting days, smiley face.

I feel like I've short changed you a bit with this post so here's a poem to tide you over.

This is a little something I call...

I awoke close
by the trouble on the bus.
Fuming alongside the conductor 
I discover 
the day inside my life.

Love and peace - Wozza

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Anonymous said...

hang in there, ;)