Friday, October 17, 2014

The lunatics are on the grass (Pink Floyd)

My life is a load easier at present. Literally.

Oh what could it be? What could it be? Please tell us Dr. Science!

Okay. So two weeks ago we had two dead motor mowers on our hands and a dead weed trimmer [one was a legacy from SWMBO's dad and the other she bought on trademe last year].

It's spring so this was a problem. No really - this is serious. The grass at Red Phoenix Farm is a killer: loads of trees mean a ride on mower isn't really an option, plus a hundred metre drive way and extensive lawns all around the place mean it's a bad motorfinger to mow.

I took all of these mechanical issues to a local cycle/mower repair guy. And waited. Phone calls resulted in continual reassurances, and I waited some more.

Until two weeks limped by and the grass was now like...well - like this picture! OUT OF CONTROL MAAN!!!! We were FREAKIN' OUT!!!!

Drastic measures were required cos the mower guy wasn't doing it for us. I went and picked up the two dead mowers (motors' stuffed was his professional diagnosis- genius) and headed home. 

A steely resolve started to grow in my chest (either that or it was the Ploughman's sarnies I'd had for lunch). By the time I got back to Red Phoenix and made my way through the grass there was only one thing to be done. 

SWMBO and I swallowed hard but made a key decision: we needed to buy a new mower. OMG!

Throwing caution to the wind we headed off to Mitre 10 Mega and bought a Lawnmaster ultra powerful beast - a bright red tough son-of-a-bitch Nu Zild made one: the first new motor mower I've ever bought!

It's wonderful! 

Last week I had to tame the elephant grass but this week was much easier on the mulch setting. 


Love and peace - Wozza 

P.S. He's still got the weed trimmer - apparently it's 'on the bench'. Yeah, right!

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