Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Would you look at him? Sittin' there with his hooter scrapin' away at that book! (Paul's grandfather to Ringo)

My second book: The Story of Ferdinand was a birthday present in 1962 from Uncle Glen and Auntie Nancy.

I don't know who they were/are. I wish I did. They were certainly not real uncles and aunties, but friends of my parents obviously. In mitigation: I was 5 at the time.

I am forever in their debt though (maybe they are on Twitter, Facebook, or they scroll the interweb hoping I'll get in touch) because I loved this book.

First published in 1937, everybody knows the story of Ferdinand, the reluctant Spanish bull. 

The story must have struck a chord with me because I know I've read it a billion times.

It helped turn me into a reader. Age 5.

What a gift Glen and Nancy - you and Ferdinand opened up a window, not only to the lure of exotic international destinations, but to wonderful book worlds with secret gardens, tight friendships, thrilling chases, monsters, heroes and evil doers who always get their comeuppance.

The third book that I've managed to keep hold of from over 50 years ago is apparently my third best book: The Lone Ranger Annual from 1964 (I was nearly 7).

While I lacked consistency with spelling my own name - I did have total command of the apostrophe rule!! I'm seriously impressed!

The book is a collection of adventures in comic form by The Lone Ranger and his faithful Indian companion and it kick started my love of comics and heroes.

I loved the TV show, the comics, and the radio serials that played on a Sunday morning and no amount of 21st century revisionism (Johnny Depp?? Eh??) can dampen my ardour for the masked man.

Love and peace - Wozza

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