Monday, November 10, 2014

We got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout (Johnny Cash/ June Carter)

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe (Anatole France)- the November quote.

Sam, Jesse, Ashleigh, SWMBO, Adam, me, Keegan, Jade.
On Saturday we (The Purdettes, me and SWMBO along with Jesse) celebrated Adam and Ashleigh's wedding in Auckland. They dreamed, planned, believed and on Saturday - they acted!

It was another quality family night on the town. Adam and Ashleigh (the latest Mrs Purdy) decided on a smallish number of attendees - that meant the Purdy and Hope families, and a simple ceremony with a marriage celebrant who was a friend of Adam's.

It was the wedding that they wanted to have and it was wonderful largely because of that.

It made me reflect, again, on the circle of life - we entered into the children-get-married era with Samantha / Jesse and now Adam / Ashleigh (the smart money is on Jade next). 

As Adam embarked on married life it also made me realise that in the scheme of things we only really spend a tiny bit of time with our children as adults. 

From 0 to 18 Adam lived with us but he's already lived away from home for 10 years - won't be long before our family time together will be in the minority.

Not a particularly profound thought but it does make me think of my own life and my time living with my parents - precious memories that are becoming more and more distant as this new generation of Purdys move further and further away from the nest.

Love and peace - WNP

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