Thursday, November 27, 2014

She's my little deuce coupe (The Beach Boys)

A very huge happy birthday to Jade for today - 28th November.

Here's the proof that she's always been cute as a button:

In the pre interweb days of November 1991 I diligently put together a state of the 1991 world from newspaper cuttings and started a photo album for Jade.

It had film listings, the football results, the music charts - all the essentials (oh and news headlines).

These days the guff on 1991 is at the push of a Goggle button, of course.

Amazingly, if you check the November 28, 1991 wikipedia page you'll see a notification that Jade Michelle Purdy was born to proud parents Warren and Jacky on that date.

She is number four (of four) and so her brothers and sister had to get in on the act as well:

Adamski, Fanfa, KW, Jadey Wadey little lady.

Have a great day out there in the blogosphere and rejoice in the knowledge that Jade Michelle Purdy is part of life's rich pageantry!

Love and peace - Jade's dad.

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