Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You take what you need and leave the rest (The Band)

Recently, during a class, one of my Year 9 students asked me about my motivations for starting a blog in the first place. 

She was asking because I'm using the blogging facility on Schoology to get them all to write posts about their current work in English.

She has an inquiring mind and has no problem voicing her thoughts.

I dimly remember writing that first ever post on Wozza's Place in 2008 and explaining why I decided to start a blog, so I told her that - not thinking she'd actually find it, read it and tell me loudly that it actually didn't help her much.

Like I said - inquiring mind.

Intrigued I am heading back to the future to see if I can find that post which articulated my motivation... 

Okay - got it!

It was a tentative start in 2008 for sure - more like an email update - the main reason from those first posts was to keep in contact with my family. Back in 2008 my dad was still alive, Jade was still living at home, and home was Stratford. 

At the time I saw it as a one way monologue, as I said then...
 this is not an exercise in making you feel guilty - it's designed to  help my burden of guilt!
It's changed a lot since as my blogging has expanded beyond my need to only keep in touch with family and friends. Actually I'm pretty sure my family only dip into this blog from time to time (and ignore the other three).

So my reach has extended beyond that need.

In particular, Twitter has really opened my eyes up to other possibilities.

A student gave me a new smart phone this week - I was floored! It's meant I now have greater access to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

I'm sure the fascination will wane eventually but for now I'm thrilled to engage with complete strangers via Twitter on a daily basis.

Love and peace - Wozza

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