Sunday, July 19, 2015

There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder (Dave Edmunds)

Downsizing. I like it!

As a concept, you don't hear about it much these days. Generally everything has to be bigger. McDonalds don't ever ask me if I'd like less coke and fries with that.

SWMBO and I have completed our 'less is more' themed downsizing move to a smaller lifestyle block (we've named our new place 'Rochdene'); still within the Central Hawke's Bay area.
  • We had 13 acres of hilly land, we now have 9 acres of flat paddocks.
  • We had three water tanks, now none (town water supply means no more nagging Jade to 'get out of the shower!!' when she visits)
  • We had a huge stable block that could have held four horses comfortably with a tack room, now - a very small stable for one plus a tack room.
  • I had a massive ART room, now I have a more modest one.
  • We had a large three bedroom house, now it's a cosy three bed.
  • Two toilets, one.
  • A three bay storage, two bay. get the idea. 

I like that we have had to pare down, throw away unnecessary junk, and generally scale back. We needed to do this, for many reasons.

Downsizing is the bomb.

Love and peace - Wozza

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