Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love it seems I just can't find (Status Quo)

Introducing the twins: Jean and Judy!

Yes - we have had twins.

In a shock move: SWMBO and I find ourselves doing 4 hourly feds throughout the day and night. Yes - NIGHT.

This has come as a bit of an affront to the system. I thought those days had gone forever after Jade started sleeping through the night about...oee...22 years ago. But - no. No, I was wrong.

The back story?

One of our ewe's - we suspect the one who had triplets last year and then abandoned them all - has done it again. This time twins.

You know the drill - worst possible conditions: freezing weather changing to rain and she delivered two girls. By the time I got to them one (Judy) was on her last legs curled up under a tree. The other one was more nosy and demanding (Jean).

We tried all sorts of things but the stoopid mother abandoned the wee mites - with a full one head butt to Judy that dazed and confused her as a parting gift.

So - SWMBO and I have had to step in. The twins now recognise us as mum and dad!

They are super cute which is just as well as we trudge down to Hababi stables at 2am!

Of course, we are also in the middle of moving house this week but what can you do? We can't abandon them as the stoopid mother did, can we?

Oh - and the names? Jean comes from Fringe (the name of the cow!) and Judy is for George Martin's other half - the lovely Judy Lockhart Smith.

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. Yes - you're right - there are three lambs in that photo: Judy and Jean have a step brother as of yesterday - Lazurus (in the foreground) was one of triplets but pretty much dead. Miracle Max (a.k.a. SWMBO) and I got him back to the land of the living somehow.

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