Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who calls the English teacher daddio? (The Coasters)

With all my worldly possessions from Abbey Road Two in boxes I went to grab some fresh DVDs/ CDs from The Warehouse and what a disappointment.

I'm always optimistic that I'll find something cool to buy but I couldn't find any new issues in either category that excited me enough to lay down the cash.

My focus then shifted to finding a suitable new film for my Year 11 class to watch for a film study (you'll remember my criteria I'm sure re nudity, sex, language, drug references, worthiness of characterisation and theme). This has become a bit of a hardy perennial.

I ended up buying Imitation Game for a senior class, Unbroken and Jupiter Ascending potentially for my Year 11s based on the blurb and the M rating. Channing Tatum is a big hit with the girls usually.

Got back to school, checked Common Sense media for their thoughts and deflategate settled in: luke warm reviews for Angelina Jolie's Unbroken and they reckon Jupiter is 'laughably bad but slick looking'. They also pointed out some nudity which wasn't indicated on the box. Shucks - I may have to stick with Save The Last Dance again.

Back on point though - what a lousy selection of product out there at the moment. I guess there are always peaks and troughs in quality and we are firmly in a trough in 2015 baby.

The CD market appears to be in a coma on life support. Very sad.

Love and peace - Wozza

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