Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, I shake it off (Taylor Swift)

Bill Bryson is one funny guy!

As you may have gleaned from these posts, SWMBO and I will be travelling to the UK for the Nu Zild summer holidays.

We'll be avoiding the rampant radiation over NZ and embracing a, hopefully, cold, bleak, wintry Christmas in London and Snowdonia. WAHOO!!!

In preparation I have been reading Bill's latest love letter to that small island - The Road To Little Dribbling. It's a sequel to one of my favourite books of all time - Notes From A Small Island.

He's a rather witty bloke and at one point in this latest book he advocates that 'everyone should be allowed to a have a dozen or so things that they dislike without having to justify or explain to anyone why they don't like them'.

Here's mine Bill:
  1. People who say any of the following expressions: 'drill down', 'going forward', 'unpack', 'roll out', or 'skin in the game'. 
  2. Anyone who thinks we're on a 'learning journey'.
  3. Big dogs.
  4. People who don't return shopping trolleys to the proper place.
  5. Misogynistic rap music.
  6. People who talk loudly into their phones or computers in departure lounges at airports.
  7. Burning my tongue on coffee that's too hot.
  8. People driving under the speed limit who give you the finger when you pass them.
  9. Cold callers.
  10. People who eat noisily.
  11. Buying a CD that I already own.
  12. José Mourinho.
Love and peace to all (yes okay - even José) - Wozza

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