Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sacred days, sacred nights, sacred time (Phil Manzanera)

Presenting zen garden 2 at Rochdene:

What I especially love about this is how much of it comes from recycled sources:

  • The chair I made from old fence standards
  • The agapanthus were surplus to requirements at Woodford House so I brought them home
  • Bricks and gravel was moved from the front of the house where a deck is going
  • The fencing on the left was originally on the right (you can see the concrete footing is still there)
  • Other bushes were transplanted from elsewhere on the section
  • The Buddha's plinth was from an old roller at Red Phoenix Farm
  • The picket fencing on the other side of the Buddha was repaired and moved from elsewhere at Rochdene
  • The Buddha came from our time in Stratford
  • The trellis over the Buddha was also from an area at the front of the house that will be decked at Christmas
  • The large rocks came from Red Phoenix Farm
  • To build up the area, dirt came from a pile of top soil in the paddock you can see

The only things I actually bought for this project were some alkathene for drainage, some weed matting for under the stones and six hedging plants.

Love and peace - Wozza

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