Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ride the train, I'm far from home (David Bowie)

First week back in Nu Zild has been weirder than usual!

Hot hot weather, moving all the furniture back into the house, school camp, driving a car again to work, rehanging pictures, back to work have all contributed to shock the system.

Amongst all that I also found time to weed my zen garden and plan the sail that will go over my new deck to ART. Yes - that's right - a new deck - splendiferous in extremis it is too!

Here's a picture or three:

Only minor fly in the ointment is a sore right arm/hand sustained in a stupid accident before I went to the UK - hot tip - don't try and stop a big log from rolling away, just let it go! 

Means I'm wearing a brace after getting a dose of cortisone from the doc last week. Makes nailing and digging and general handyperson acts difficult. 

Difficult. Not impossible. So, yeah. We'll see how I go.

Love and peace - Wozza

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