Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The love you take is equal to the love you make (The Beatles)

Having been accused of some grumpiness and curmudgeonliness lately, I wondered this morning, as I pootled along in the Purdsmobile school wards (it's a 40 minute commute so I can ruminate until the cows come home) about the things that make me smile and feel a lovely warm rosy glow at the moment.
Here's five!!

1 Opening the fridge at work and finding milk for my tea. It's something I can sometimes take for granted (when nothings there, there's hell to pay from the staff!).

2 Music: 40 minutes is easily enough time for a CD. This morning it was The Best Of The Guess Who and I sang and beamed and bopped along to American Woman, No Sugar Tonight, Bus Driver, Share The Land and the rest.

3 The sunrise and the hills on my right as I drive in. The view just after Waipawa from a rise in the road is particularly wonderful.

4 Painting the house. WOAH! "Hold up", I hear you say - "You hate painting, Wozza!" Well yes I'm not a huge fan but...but - I love the new paint look. We're painting the house at present and getting rid of the yucky yellow and replacing it with a soothing neutral cream is a great feeling.

5 SWMBO: I watched a great TED talk recently (it'll be on this week's Jewels For The Thirsty blog so watch out for it) about how happiness is aligned to your key relationship. Thanks LOML!

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