Monday, May 22, 2017

It's build a house where we can stay, add a new bit everyday (The Housemartins)

Hey team - wotcha!

Feeling a tad cream crackered today - the SWMBO horse yards (a.k.a. Habibi 2) are nearing completion. It seems I've been working on them FOREVER but in reality only three weekends and a disrupted week of the last holidays.

The roof is the problematic part - the actual yards are a breeze (being my third edition) - as I'm not a builder. ANNOYINGLY, I make mistakes because I'm not a builder.

Plus everything takes me longer BECAUSE I'M NOT A BUILDER!!!!

The piecemeal building programme has driven/is driving me nuts. All my tools and all the materials have be put away after each day's use.

Last night I cam home from school, spent an hour putting up the anti-penultimate sheet of roofing iron, before darkness descended on me. GGGRRRRRRRR.

Still, the end is in sight - a couple more nights and a weekend to hang the gates should do it.

Okay - rant over - time to luxuriate in my favourite version of the Housemartin classic by the most wonderful Zuni.

Love and peace - Wozza

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