Tuesday, January 16, 2018

She's making movies on location (Dire Straits)

What just happened?

If it's a movie about making movies, I'm there!

Recently I watched What Just Happened? A film starring Robert De Niro as a movie producer. Here's the low down.

It was okay but the Rotten Tomato rating seems about right.

What it did do is made me think about their appeal because ordinarily, I'm not really bothered with how something works, I just enjoy the product.

It started many years ago when I saw a TV programme focused on starlet shenanigans going on with directors and producers. I forget its name.

For some reason I became interested in these peeks behind the artifice (which are themselves artifice - like being in a roomful of mirrors).

Watching Day For Night was a big moment - Roger Horrocks used it to kick start his film studies paper.

For me, when it's in the hands of cinematic masters like Truffaut, Allen, and the Coen brothers, the faux documentary style makes for a more realistic and heightened sense of drama, plus the fiction seems absolutely appropriate to the subject matter.

My top 5 movies about making movies:

Love and peace, and...cut - Wozza

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