Tuesday, January 2, 2018

You're a shmoopy! (Jerry Seinfeld)

This self-effacing correspondent aims to always keep you up to date with all the crucial happenings in Wozza's World (you just live in it, remember?). This post is no exception. 

Okay. Deep breath. Just the facts, ma'am.

It's been a state of angst central in the ART room this last week for your humble blogger. There's no point in beating around the bush!

How, oh how, was I to reorganise my CDs and records?

I know, I know...a biggie right?! 

In the past I've used a few genre headings and then all pop/rock under nationalities with a sidebar of Greatest Hits sets and another for various compilations.

Something didn't feel right though so I decided to reunite the GHits and compilations with the artist.

Still a feeling lingered.

VINYL rules!!!!
While I was hovering between the dilly of a pickle of introducing further genres or keeping to strict nationalities, my fellow father-in-law to Adam/Ashleigh, the very generous Mr Lindsay Hope, was packing up his CD collection into four wine boxes.

As he hadn't played any of his CDs in over a year and was able to get all he required on Spotify, he donated his collection to me. WAHOO!!

Turns out, we have very similar (great) taste so there were a few titles in common but generally his collection contained a huge number of CDs by artists I love but CDs I didn't have: a real treasure trove! The CDs were ecstatic to join the whanau.

Suitably energised, that drove me on to expand the genres - now Power Pop, Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Metal have joined the established genres: Progressive Rock (and Prog/Metal), Soul, Jazz (now using a plethora of sub genres like Fusion, Big Band, Vocal, Cool, Modern, ECM, Latin, Piano Jazz), Chill, World, Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Classical, Alternative Rock, Reggae, and others!

Aaarrrrrrr. That feels better!!

Love and peace - Wozza

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