Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey Lord, take a look around tonight, and find where my baby's gonna be. Hey Lord, would ya look out for her tonight, 'cause she is far across the sea (Billy Joel)

Wahoo! I've had my first good weekend alone since returning from NZ without my habibi. I really haven't liked the lengthy down time on my own but this weekend was WAY better.

Friday - a sleep in. I struggle to sleep in during term times. My inner clock is set at 5am and I wake then every day alarm or no. On Friday (and today) I woke at 4.58am and read for a bit in bed and then turned the light off and slept for another hour. Magic.

Friday - a long Skype with SWMBO, during which she did a tour of the house and gardens - looking great! Actually the house and gardens were pretty awesome too.

Friday - collated all the teacher evaluations that have been completed so far (see the Baggy Trousers blog for the shake down on these things).

Friday - I like my routines (oh really the kids say - we haven't noticed!) and Friday dinner has become chicken stir fry night. My third effort and best so far.

Saturday - woken up by TLOML telling me about the hire-a-hubbys she's got to do my jobs. Gratifying to know it takes a few of them to fill in for me.

Saturday - travelled to Abu Dhabi to meet up with some of the Sivak whanau who are in town. I visited Kings Recording and got a couple of little things. Then taxied back to the Abu Dhabi Mall to meet Linda and Tommy Sivak. I can report that they are wonderful people. As a couple, they actually reminded me a lot of Annette and Stas (Tommy's big brother). Clearly the brothers have the same fantastic luck - Linda and Annette are both amazing. It was special to meet Tommy and Linda, having heard so much about them for years.

While I'm at it I best say a big hi to all the other Sivak whanau dotted around the world.

Saturday night - Got home to watch The Arsenal DESTROY Blackburn Rovers 7-1. What a result and the icing on the day was watching Thierry Henry score number 7.

As I said - WAHOO!!

Love and peace - Wozza

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