Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free at last, free at last!

The title comes from of course that famous speech by Martin Luther King and while I know Obama is not the messiah I couldn't help thinking back to the words while I watched the inauguration. Watching the Obamas dancing at a ball and his at ease handling of all the demands associated with the inauguration gave me a real sense of well-being. Weird. To celebrate here are a couple of soundbites.

Ross answered the call and sent some more photos. Here's Lynda on our tractor and a snap of the lights under the waterfall at Pukekura park in New Plymouth - one of their stop off visits while they were in the 'naki.

This week (the last before school gets back into action) has been focused on the roof and the sheep when I haven't been at work and the weather has been right. We managed to get a great cloudy day yesterday and therefore finished painting the roof. Now I know many of you look forward to our sheep exploits so here's the latest. Yesterday started with a trip to the saleyards with the lambs. We had 15 in the end and got good prices for them ($70 - $75). When Jacky and I dropped them off we thought our lot looked a bit small next to the huge perendales that were off to the works but our stock agent (Murray) obviously knew what he was doing. He had to be a Murray or possibly a Trevor, but he was never going to be an Antoine was he? We didn't sell all of the lambs - we kept Sus (the ewe Jade and I saved from the river - check back in the blog history for the full exciting story) and one lamb that Jacky and I couldn't clean up well enough to sell. That means we still have one ram (Doug) and his harem of 13 ewes to keep you updated on during the year.

People news - Adam sends reports from Japan that he is having a great time and feeling right at home; Pat and Randy are heading back to the UK after their summer sojourn in New Plymouth - sorry I couldn't make morning tea wid you; Tina and Adam are back from the UK (somewhere in Auckland) fer good, busy planning their wedding in April.

The world of sports: Go the Steelers!! Jesse will be pleased he wasn't here to watch the AFC championship game with me I'm sure. The mighty Pitsburgh Steelers now face the Arizona Cardinals in the Superbowl in early Feb. Why the Steelers you ask? The simple answer is - coz of the Sivaks. Since meeting them in the early 1990s I've had to support their team! Up to meeting them I was a Seattle Seahawks fan (because of Clay - a Seattle boy) and before meeting Clay I followed the New York Giants - only because the only vaguely NFL shirt that I could ever find in 1970s Auckland was a Giants shirt. The Steelers are the right team for me though - great name with solid connotations, built on tough defence (some unbelievable hits in that last game!) and no nonsense approach/tactics. The Cardinals have one awesome wide receiver who can catch anything but not much else - I predict a Steeler win!!

Currently grooving to a combination of really loud stuff when I'm painting on the roof (the Datsuns' new album is a major return to form) or smooth jazz of the Herbie Hancock/ Stan Getz variety if I'm inside getting a coke before heading back to the roof. Now that I'm back at work it's 'Workin' on a chain gang' by Sam Cooke.

Finally - I was going to put some of Jesse's photos in this post but at the moment they don't want to download from my computer - a technical hitch I'm sure. next time!

Till then - Take care - Love and Peace - W

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Another Steelers fan! Stas' watched the playoffs -- or rather, watched little graphic of the football field with a line moving along for each down, and a blurb of text telling what each play was after it happened. The really bad part was waiting and waiting and not being able to see and wondering what was going on -- like when someone got hurt. But guaranteed we will be watching the Superbowl with a NZ friend with whom we watched the last time the Steelers were in it. And that was when Mick Jagger was the half time show -- dancing for 20 minutes straight. Then the first play of the second half, one of the young football players had to be taken off the field to get oxygen after he had made a long rush down the field.... From Annette