Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talking bout the swans, that they live in the park.

Something different for this post - the anatomy of a Purdy picnic. Jacky organised us (Jade, Samantha, me) to go for an evening picnic to a local lake/park. We arrived and unloaded the food from the car:

Sitting down on a park bench, looking at our great view:

Pretty soon we were joined by a gaggle of geese, and a something of ducks.

Spooked by the geese, Samantha ran off to sit in the car but we three persevered (although Jade needed to take refuge on the picnic table):

Sanantha's bravery pill took effect and she rejoined us to take some snaps of my third ham roll (hey I was hungry!!), note the geese looking for some spillage:

Eventually I was abandoned to my fate while Jacky took my picture and I shared some crumbs with the birdlife along with some love and peace:

After sharing the rest of the scraps, we packed up and returned home, waving goodbye to the lovely view as we left:

I hope you enjoyed sharing in our picnic.

Love and peace - W

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