Friday, January 16, 2009

The one about the great bake off

Still the holidays and now I have a bit of a backlog to get through over the next three posts or so. General update time - The roof painting is still in progress - tricky weather conditions have delayed things a tad. Ross and family visited us yesterday (more in next post) and Jacky welcomed a new horse to the paddocks - Jack brings the total to three (Cash, Charlie and Jack). Also of note in a busy week: Peter Joyce sent an update and set me straight on the Israeli/Hamas question (more of that later), Keegan started a new job in Auckland, Adam is now in Japan - he promises pictures when he lands (he's still in the air); Jade spent a day in hospital on an IV - strep throat - on the day she got her exam results - she did well - passing Level 2 NCEA with ease.

However this post is dedicated to Jesse and Samantha and the great bake off competition. Jesse has now returned to San Francisco (still in the air as I type this I believe) but before he left he loaded a heap of his photos on the computer. I'll get to these in time as well but first I need to report on the bake off. Over three nights Samantha and Jesse went at it to prove who was the better cook. First burritos, then pizza, and finally desserts. Samantha was clear winner in the dessert (lemon merrange pie) while Jesse was clear winner in the burritos. Pizza was split (I liked Samantha's while Jacky voted for Jesse's). Here is photographic proof of both the process and product during pizza night (and yes that is flour all over Jesse!)

Farewell Jesse!

Love and peace - W

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