Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday update

I've spent the last week on the roof! We painted the house last year but left the roof alone so this year's holiday project is to attend to the roof. It took me pretty much all week to waterblast and prepare for painting because the temperature up there was scorching most days. Hotter than the surface of the sun! Today is the first rain we've had for a bit and it's set to continue until tomorrow - then back to sunshine. I didn't realise I couldn't paint in the full sun so we'll need to find some ideal conditions next week.

I've been thinking lately about the Israel attacks on Hamas, Brian and Michelle's stance prompted me to do some research. They are of the opinion that Israel is justified in launching their attacks and Hamas got what they deserve. My immediate reaction at the time was that violence begets violence and that bombing Palestinians (many innocent among them) wasn't any kind of answer to the Hamas rocket attacks. I still believe this and even more so after reading articles in the recent Guardian Weekly. Israel's attacks follow rocket attacks by Hamas into southern Israel. True, but it's worth noting that in the last 6 months there has been a total of one death as a result of these attacks (in eight years there have been about 18). The response to the one death was 60 Israeli aircraft launching 100 strikes that killed more than 300 people. Who knows how many civilians were part of that figure. The targets of the bombing weren't military training camps - they were police stations. Israel is going after infrastructure. The Guardian editorial made some salient points:

We also know that to have chosen to strike on a Saturday morning, when the streets of this impoverished enclave were full, showed the same indifference to human life with which Israel charges its enermies. When the suicide bombers reply in cafes and shops, as they inevitably will, Israel will reel in horror. But it will shut out of its mind the blood its warplanes have now caused to flow in Gaza.

No pictures this week sorry - I'll aim to have something more exciting for you next time.

Love and peace - W

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