Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm in lazy holiday mode - hence the lack of any updates since before Christmas. Actually we haven't been too lazy since Christmas - we had a good three day sunshine period and therefore got our hay cut, baled and loaded into the barn. This was truely a team effort with Michelle, Gavin, Brian (tractor driver), Jade, Samantha, and especially Keegan working their butts off to help us get the hay safely stored before the next day's rain arrived. Many thanks - we certainly could not have done it without the communal help.

Our Christmas was spent at Michelle and Gavin's and a merry time was had by all. The 'all' included the six of us amazingly enough. Jacky and I journeyed up to Orewa to see dad and Ross/Lynda/Hayden/Scott (23rd December) and then (on Christmas eve) during the return home we picked up Keegan and Adam so they could enjoy Christmas with us and the girls. Sorry we didn't stop off and say howdy to Jeanette's crew but we were on a tight schedule (incidentally dad says he sees you at the Orewa New World and you never say hi - just look out for an older me Jeanette and you'll be fine).

So here are our snaps from Christmas day (we six; Jacky and Michelle; Michelle Kerry (her son) Brian (dad to Jacky and Michelle) and Keegan; me and Jacky; Adam Samantha and Jade; Pat (mum to Jacky and Michelle) Kerry Brian and keegan; Keegan and Jade) :

Keegan has now returned to Auckland and Adam to Hamilton and life at the old Stratford homestead now features Jade, Samantha and San Franciscan Jesse (pictured on the tractor)

Keegan left his record collection at ours so I'm fun playing some old vinyl - Grand Funk as I type this! That's it for now. Take care everyone.

Love and peace - W

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Anonymous said...

So good to see all of you together enjoying Christmas -- and to get a current look at the young ones. Happy New Year to all ! Love from Annette and Stas'