Monday, April 6, 2009

In the white room with black curtains near the station.

This post is dedicated to our London friends in a hopeful attempt to get them to read my blogs - Randy Buckley and Patrick Cameron. As promised - here are the recent photos of Randy and Pat's pad in Highbury/Islington (nestled into Ferntower Rd - part of 'the shire'). That's Randy on the left and a dapper looking Patrick on the right. As you'll remember from an earlier post I had the blue room on the 4th floor - directly below me was the red lounge (housing the smaller organ and yes that is a huge TV) -

Below the red lounge is a landing housing the bigger organ

and then the white lounge (lots of music in here - piano, harp, guitar) and some great artwork from NZ

There we have it - a visual and aural experience - many thanks again guys for allowing me the chance to stay here and project manage the building site!

Love and peace - W

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