Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.

The Easter holidays are nearing an end and ANZAC day is looming. This last week has been tough on Samantha - she came up from University last week to get her wisdom teeth removed and recuperate at home. All went well but it's still one of those things most of us have to go through. She looked like a chipmunk for four days but the swelling has passed and she can almost talk properly again.

Jacky had an appointment for her shoulder in Hamilton over the last few days and so we took the opportunity to take Samantha up to visit dad and we also saw Keegan/Adam,Jenna and Ross and the family. Pictures include Ross/Hayden/Scott/Fanfa and train landscape that the boys are working on.

Nature watch hasn't been around lately - it's solid autumn weather - on our drive north we came across many beautiful scenes of leaves turning colour and in Cambridge the roads are already chocka with leaves. We've been doing autumn jobs - collecting and stacking firewood, trimming the barbary hedges and the house hedges/trees so that we get a good winter view of the mountain, moving animals around to make the best use of the remaining grass (horses are about to get their daily hay) and (if your Jacky) fussing about the falling leaves from the fig tree outside our lounge windows.

I will add a new post to my Shakespeare blog after the official birthday celebrations (23rd April in case you forgot), the principal blog also has a new post on Barack Obama and pregnant teenagers, and my music blog has a new post for Christine on ten recommended British pop albums (more to come soon!). Oh and new inspiration picture was commissioned by Jade.

Love and peace - W

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