Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've looked around enough to know, that you're the one I want to go through time with

Let me take you back 25 years. Back to April 21, 1984. We're in New Plymouth at St Joseph's Catholic church. It's windy outside, hints of rain (we had to have studio photos as a result). The reception is ahead of us but we're inside the church facing our friends from the front.

Clay is my best man, Donna is Jacky's bridesmaid. I'm enjoying myself!! I'm focussed - this is not a day that has blurred in any way (getting dressed in Margo and Clay's hotel room while Gene Kelly is singing in the rain on TV - the details are forever there).

Many of you are there with us. For instance -

Pat - next to Jacky - is still part of the whanau.

Ross, Warwick, Michelle, Chris, Margo can be glimpsed here.

Roger and Deirge in this one.

...and Greg and Wendy.

What has telescoped has been the 25 years since that day - four children and the child rearing years, a series of different teaching/nursing jobs, 25 years of dreams and plans, different houses, life in New Zealand cities and the UK years, 25 years of new and old friends, the comings and goings of family along the way, 25 birthday and Christmas celebrations, and now the blogging years. The empty nest years are almost upon us. It's been a blast. Let's hope the next 25 are just as rich.

To get you back there here are some wedding photos from that momentous day:

In further celebration - here are some photos from the archives for you to laugh at (some you've seen, some you haven't):

Finally for this post - happy birthday to Jacky (on the 14th) and Sally (the 15th).

Love and peace - W

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