Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox

School is back in session after a two week break. The weather packed in this week and we've had torrential rain lately (usually whenever I'm on duty at school). I did manage to get all of my chores done around the house though - trees pruned and hedges trimmed - that sort of thing. We had Samantha with us for the two weeks break - she's now recovered from the wisdom tooth problem and back in Wellington doing her essays (or so her Facebook page says).

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about a number of you lately - those thoughts that meander and lead to other thoughts - Joan started at her new Headteacher post during the break so I've been hoping that's gone well, that leads to all the King John School people I saw recently. Thoughts of the UK lead to Randy and Pat in the shire and Christine and how Rochdale are doing and how she's doing. Then Arsenal and by word association football I bounce to my grandad (born in Rochdale) and the Purdy thoughts lead me to dad's research into my great great paternal grandmother - Emma and then back to Rochdale get the idea. Whenever Jacky asks me what I'm thinking it's exactly this jumble/tumble of stuff!! Are you like that? I watched a live Seinfeld concert DVD during the week and part of his routine is - I bet you women are wondering what guys think about. The answer is...nothing! Yep. And my nothing is this rag tag of different shards of thoughts. Anyway - you should all be comforted that you're all in there somewhere.

During the week I also went to check my world clustr map (left column) and was staggered about the huge number of people who read this blog. Wow! let me just go there now and check again... Ok the current list of places from which people connect with my blog is -
New Zealand (NZ) 864
United Kingdom (GB) 162
United States (US) 93
Australia (AU) 78
Austria (AT) 11
Canada (CA) 8
Germany (DE) 6
Europe (EU) 4
Japan (JP) 3
Netherlands (NL) 3
Philippines (PH) 2
Russian Federation (RU) 2
Sweden (SE) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
France (FR) 1
China (CN) 1
Indonesia (ID) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Singapore (SG) 1
Malaysia (MY) 1
Hungary (HU) 1

Is this scarey or what.

The weekend is coming up and my boys football team (under 15s) have their first game of the season. A few boys have never played football before and I'm a bit hoarse after our first training run this week but it should be fun. I'll keep you updated on our progress. I'll attempt to take some photos this weekend as well to spice up the next post. Meanwhile feel free to go to my other blogs for bling, bounce and bravado.

Take care - love and peace - W

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