Friday, April 18, 2014

Hold me and kiss me and tell me you're mine ever more (Toni Bennett 1953)

Jack Adsett and his sister Dulcie
The second HUGE wedding anniversary in April belongs to Graham and Dulcie Purdy. 

Without this wedding there would be no Wozza's World and without Wozza and SWMBO's wedding there would be no Sammy/ Jesse World. 

Crazy paving - it all links together into a crazy pathway. Hmmm - deep!

1953 and there are only 2 million people living in NZ. The National Party is in power under Sid Holland. 

Marilyn Monroe rules at the box office (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) and Frank Sinatra moves to Capitol Records.

This is also the year that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach the summit of Mount Everest and put Nu Zild on the world stage.

April 18 1953 was a cracker of a day in Mt Eden, Auckland. St Barnabas church was the scene as Dulcie Mary Adsett was given away by her big brother Jack.

Off on their mystery ride 1953
In attendance were friends and relatives, notably the bride's mother - Lucy, and the groom's parents - Harry and Christina Purdy (pictured above bookending the new Mr and Mrs Purdy).

The reception was held at the Lewis Eady music store in Queen St., where Dulcie was an employee. I guess there was an upper floor where the wedding breakfast was laid out. 

The happy couple would honeymoon on the exotic Norfolk Island.

It was to be a rock solid marriage lasting 30 years; the two providing a loving home for two boys that only ended with Dulcie's passing in 1983.

God bless them both.

Love and peace - their eldest son

P.S. 1 Whanau member Mervyn Francis Hynes (third cab off the rank in the above photo) provides some great continuity. He's escorting fellow whanau member Nita Selman who would also have a large part to play in the Purdy family in the future.

P.S. 2 BTW in a nice touch - the bride's wedding band also links this event in 1953 to Samantha's in 2013 as she now wears that ring. Graham Nugent Purdy would approve!

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