Friday, January 23, 2015

I wish my life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show (The Kinks)

A few days holidaying in Wellington has reignited my love of tea from teapots.

These days Wellington is more noted for movie stars than teapots so I'll get to an explanation in due course.

Speaking of movie stars: Te Papa currently has a few of The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings costumes on exhibit, even our hotel featured a life size prop which appropriately indicated the power of Peter Jackson and what he's done for the place. 

The man's presence pervades inner city Wellington: as I bought a leather men's bracelet the shop guy quickly told me that Peter Jackson shops and buys his there. Okay.

And so - to the teapots...our hotel was on Cuba Street - boho central and so all the cafes and tea shops aiming for that retro feel retain the use of a teapot. Quite right!

This pleased me no end. There's something very comforting in a cuppa from a teapot. It also appeals immensely to the skinflint in me - I can usually squeeze out three cups.

When we returned home I bowed to pressure from SWMBO to buy a teapot to go with her hand made tea set from Staffordshire, which she's been eyeing up for some time now. It's fab.

This purchase prompted a discussion with Jade about the old days of my youth when we didn't have tea bags and so used loose leaf tea in teapots. I have no idea when we first got tea bags in NZ but we certainly didn't subscribe to them in the Purdy household.

Anyway I maintain that a cuppa in the old days in mum's best china far surpasses the modern expedient methods.

But I digress - here is our latest teapot on its inaugural brew:


Peace and love - Wozza (milk and one)

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