Monday, January 19, 2015

When the heat's got you down...get yourself in that cool cool water (The Beach Boys)

Summer holidays on Red Phoenix Farm contain some routine elements:

  • A project (this time it's been trimming trees and gardens on RPF's 13 acres)
  • NFL playoff games leading to the February first Superbowl (these are always closer than the regular season games - more focused eyes on the prize now)
  • 35 degree heat (crazy)
  • The silly season on TV and in the English Premiership goes into hyperdrive (Arsenal doing okay - currently 5th; Rochdale spectacular in League One and FA Cup)
  • Books - Lee Child seems to produce a new Jack Reacher adventure on cue (and others like Pete Townshend, Neil Young and Ray Davies autobios)
  • Brown fields and hills (keep reading)

Red Phoenix Farm is rebranded as Brown Phoenix Farm about now until autumn rains kick in. 

We're not alone as these snaps show:

SWMBO lunges her horses in this paddock looking north-west

Looking north-east from our house 'lawn'

South-east-ish and our sheep have slim pickins (treeline on right is our

The road east to the beach (middle ground tree line is our boundary)

House on the left (northwards)

Treeline again our boundary. South hill paddock with some green at the

A yet to be harrowed paddock also looking north - dry!
Middle ground treeline is our boundary

Love and peace - Wozza (Go Seahawks!)

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