Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunburnt impedance machine (Mugstar)

We live in a society people!

We also live in a mechanical age and mechanical things go wrong.

There seems to be a conspiracy going on at Red Phoenix Farm from time to time when the mechanical things get together and collude to stop working all at once.

The tractor, the outdoor fountain's transformer, the chain saw and the cross trainer all conspired against me recently.

It's so aggravating!

I am not a mechanical person. I am interested in using said appliances but I am not skilled in fixing them when they stop.

The tractor's 'distributor' became 'live' recently and the tractor suddenly (as I was driving it) stopped. It's being fixed now having been towed to a local mechanic. Yeh him!

The transformer? Apparently I was sold the wrong kind and so 6 months later it stopped. Isaac's Electrical (Waipawa) are making good with a replacement. Yeh them!

The chainsaw's chain guard failed, it developed an oil leak and the starter pulley thing wouldn't retract. Under warranty, Mitre 10 Mega Hastings had it fixed it in a matter of hours. Yeh them!

And so to the cross trainer. It developed a bizarre message 'ERR4' on its display and has not worked since the start of November. Bought in Al Ain, it has been a faithful companion since then but it now needs expert remedial action and I have not the skills.

I took off the cover to the resistance motor section and looked at the wires and mechanical things like I do if a car stops and I open the bonnet to look at the motor stuff. Pathetic!

I should have learned my lesson from Fielding Melish!!

This is all so frustrating. Sometimes I just wish I lived in a less automated world (if you thought I was going to wish I was a different person who could fix these things you don't know me at all).  

If you know where I can get it fixed (or if you have a spare Execu-cisor going), I'd love to hear from you.

Love and peace - Wozza

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