Saturday, January 3, 2015

It was a new day yesterday (Jethro Tull)

Time for another couple of forays into the photo archives. 

Given that it's the summer holidays in Nu Zild these wallows in the new days yesterday are themed around that idea. Think of it as if it was an invite 'round to Wozza's place to see the holiday slides! Yikes - remember them - hiiinnnhhh!

Many of these photo's are pretty iconic - our NZ holidays of yesteryear followed a pattern and they are pretty representative to a point.

First up in part one - the obligatory picture with a (sometimes scary) Santa:

Keegan age 2, in Coca Cola colours, 1986;
Adam, a week old, piked.

Jade's first Xmas - 3 weeks old 1991; Adam, unimpressed but
knowing he's not above a rooftop, scans for goodies; Fanfa
tries for her 'I'm so cute' look; Wozza with mullet in it's swan
song looks dazed with a fixed smile - he's wondering how
SWMBO  got out of this one.

A serene Jade and Samantha 1996

Adam (still not impressed) and Keegan 1987

An unsure SWMBO and a young Santa 1964

Adam now an experienced Santa sitter patents the pout 1988

SWMBO and a pretty vacant Santa

I'm not sure why there are no photos of me and Santa - we were certainly taken to George Courts and the Farmers department store in central Auckland by mum photos. 

Instead here's a bonus snap of mummy kissing Santa pre mullet!

Adam, a week old, and Keegan 1986

Love and peace and happy holidays from Wozza.

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