Thursday, February 12, 2015

Theme from Mr Lucky (Donald Byrd)

I did a presentation to my classes recently on me (entitled 'Who are you? WHO? WHO?).

The idea was to give them some of my teaching history and some family context. 

I did some research and came up with some old photos, including some of me with former students (a wonderfully talented bunch) which I placed on the Baggy Trousers blog. I had tons, though, so here's a few more for Wozza's Place.
Before taboor at AbAT

Waimea College, early nineties
With my translator, Hisham at Ali bin Abi
Taleb School in Al Foah, UAE.
M.A.G.S. Dining room is named after
 Kel White BTW.
Touring classrooms with the principal at
Ali bin Abi Taleb School
Leading PD at AbAT - great staff!
I love this photo with my
sixth form class at Macleans
circa 1987 in Te Kanawa House

Samantha with Jeanette
The eighties were great for thin ties,
colourful shirts and mullets
Lance, Jeanette and the rest of my
media studies class being wacky
I love this photo too -
me and Mohammed
at Ali bin Abi Taleb
Still from Jeanette Galina and Kylie's
take off of Yello's The Race
for media studies


Love and peace - Wozza

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