Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Through falling leaves I pick my way slowly (Fourmyula)

As you've read, Red Phoenix Farm has become Brown Phoenix Farm over December. The land is parched and so are the animals.

Currently the farm plays host to two horses (Dee and Neo), 21 sheep, two dogs (Dookie and Bazil), Rocky the cat, two lovebirds, four canaries, sundry rabbits and at least one hedgehog.

All except the rabbits and hedgehog have water provided for them.

Sallie informs us that hedgehogs struggle to get water in summer and often die from dehydration.

This poor wee mite was found by SWMBO down by Habibi Stables. She thought it was a pine cone until she noticed two eyes staring back at her.

Looks a tad grumpy doesn't he!

Love and peace - Wozza and the menagerie.

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