Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lawdy mama, light my fuse (Rick Derringer)

And it's Arsenal, Arsenal F.C. - already kings of London, and The Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen, and now - kings of the F.A. Cup. The most successful club in F.A. Cup history. Ever!

Hey I'm allowed a brief gloating period ain't I?

Okay - back to business...

With that game the football season is over in Europe, sort of. There is still the Champions League final - that one should go to Barcelona without any problem.

In the U.K. the post season blues will now be in full swing as they head into summer.

I know the FIFA scandal has all the attention at the moment but British football lovers could cast their eyes elsewhere to not one but TWO fantastic world cup competitions.
2011 and Japan savor the moment

As we head into winter in New Zealand* (pronounced Nu Zild) we have the FIFA Under 20 World Cup and the women's World Cup is in Canada. Japan are the current world champions; isn't that great! They beat the mighty U.S.A. team in the 2011 final. Makes a refreshing change from Germany, Brazil, and Argentina huh.

I know FIFA is not flavour of the month (decade) but I hope that doesn't take focus away from the football. These are WORLD CUPS!!!! They don't come around very often and the standard of football at each event will be amazing in its awesomeness.

Tune in - you won't regret it!

Love and peace - Wozza

* Hence the change in template to the wintry scene Netherlands!! We have had snow in the Hawke's Bay recently so I feel justified in using this. So there!

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