Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm so tired (The Fabs)

I'm on no sleep, I'm freakin' out man!

For various reasons SWMBO and I have struggled to get a night's sleep for a while now.

Part of the problem is my snoring. 

My father was a real window rattler and I seem to be following suit. 


So I went to the doc and, of course, he couldn't help me apart from a referral for the sleep apnoea and the snoring.

That referral resulted in a visit to the hospital to pick up a sleep monitor and a short talk with a sleep scientist.

I kid you not. Sleep scientist.

I did a Seinfeld eye roll and took the device home. Slapped it on and after a fitful night sent the device back. 

After a month I got the results.



Love and peazzzzzzz - Wozzzzzzzza

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