Sunday, May 3, 2015

Since I been loving you I'm about to lose my worried mind (Led Zeppelin)

When I think back to the stuff I used to eat I shudder. It's not that long ago mind, about five weeks, so it's a fresh memory.

About five weeks ago I decided to lose some weight. I weighed in at 83 kg at the doctors during a check up and my BMI indicated I was overweight. 

When I got home I worked out what I needed to do to get back to the okay weight; the answer was - lose at least 5 kg.

So I decided to cut out all junk, eat three meals a day but nothing around those meals. I've been a grazer all my adult life (ha ha ha - how we kid ourselves!) okay - all my life, so this was a tough decision. I am blessed with a strong mental fortitude though, so I went cold turkey.

I decided to cut out sugary drinks as much as I could as well, replacing them with Coke Zero and water. With autumn and the end of daylight saving we started having dinner around 5 to 5.30 pm. I kept my gluten free stuff going but only in terms of cereals and bread. I cut out all the Gluten free snacks that are chock full of sugar and fats.

I also decided to up the activity - walking at lunchtime is about all my 57 year old knees can stand but at least it's something.

No wonder I lost 3 kg pretty quickly, in two weeks, via the first thing - no junk. That meant no chips, no chocolate, no biscuits or cakes, no Snickers bars. No Coca-Cola. No beer.

I knew it would work. When we lived in Al Ain that was pretty much my diet when I was forced to cut out all that stuff and I lost weight quickly there.

In the old days I would have had peanut butter and jam sandwiches on white bread followed by large slices of cake, washed down with a large Coke. Now I have a no added salt/sugar peanut butter sandwich on gluten free seed bread with a Coke Life (introduced in NZ in April this year and tastes way better than Zero). I would have sneered at that this time last year - now it's just normal.

I read an article about weight loss and it suggested that the craving for the bad elements of an old diet take about 18 days to subside. That was about right in my case.

Although those last two Kg proved to be pesky my weight is now down to 78 Kg.

Clearly, I need to maintain the regime to keep Mr Overweight from returning. I'm celebrating but I'm aware I am right on the cusp. 

Yes SWMBO, a few more Kg...

Mind over matter!

Love and peace - Wozza

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