Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life's too short to be afraid (Robbie Williams)


Yellow brown autumn leaves bunch up 
against my window.
I spend a little time watching them as they
fall onto themselves;
the sun is hiding behind a tall wall
that sends out a sharp outline.
It's a roughly textured wall in off cream,
age unknown.
The clouds are fairly racing across the milky blue sky
but the breeze down here is mild
and I am unseasonal in shirt sleeves.

It's a mid May morning;
the red leaved trees stand in relief
against evergreen
trying to be the last staunch hold outs.

There are many trees outside this window:
pines, silver birches, Australian wattles, Japanese maples.

It's good to watch them sway 
against the moving sky:

accentuating the positive.

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