Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Biker like an icon (Paul McCartney)

A colleague, I'll call him Greg, alerted me to this interesting site - word camera

It's pretty cool!! You simply upload a photo and the site creates a weirdly poetic narrative around the image. 

I tried it, using this photo I took of my younger brother riding my bike when we were kids. The narrative down below came from word camera. I've edited it a bit and changed the line length. 


In fact, a driver and a biker: 
the biker evokes outlawing.  
In other words, the driver 
has to pass their drive test. 
Also, it evokes person.

a transportation, 
which remains a movement,
it is known to some as transport. 
Immediately, it appertains 
to transactions 
having the objective 
of supplying commodities.

Furthermore, people and a vehicle: 
'people' appertains to a society, 
and the vehicle has a wheel. 

In the meantime, the vehicle is also known
as a self-powered vehicle. 
Certainly, it is an album. 

Now, it is a means or instrumentality 
for storing or communicating information.   
As an illustration, it may close their eye. 
Soon, it yearns for fresh air.

Love and peace - Wozza

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