Friday, June 12, 2015

You can count on me (Bruno Mars)

Loads going on in Wozza's world lately. 

Stuff I don't write about on Wozza's Place usually.

I used to - right at the start of writing this blog I reported on all the weird and wacky stuff that consumes all of our lives from time to time. So in that mode, this last week was about:

  • Buying a new mattress for SWMBO and me
  • Selling Red Phoenix Farm (we hope to go unconditional next week)
  • Buying a new place for the horses, dogs, cat, sheep, birds and us (we hope to go unconditional next week)
  • Marking student work so that the reports I need to write today are as up to date as poss.
  • Presenting stuff to the staff about Twitter, Blogging, and my Year 12 students
  • Buying the new Ringo Starr album (I'm a completist remember)
  • Seeing Jade, here for a visit after her holiday in the Pacific with William
  • Continuing to not eat junk
  • Dealing with lawyers, real estate agents and their PAs (see buying and selling a house bullets)
  • Being a coffee hag for my friends (servant leadership y'all)
  • Reading as much of Tune In as I could (It's AWESOME)
  • Reading as much of Walrus Gumboot, Vox headlines, The Guardian, as poss
  • Watching as many stock piled episodes of Silicon Valley, Location Location Location, Grand Designs, FIFA Under 20 World Cup and Women's World Cup as I could

There's more but you get the gist.

We all live lives like this, don't we. 

I looked up from my keyboard  a second ago and looked outside.

The sun is just up. Long shadows. Bit windy. But beautiful.

You've been updated!

Love and peace out - Wozza

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