Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gonna steal time from the faulty plan (Phish)

I like this idea of stealing time.

It's all about taking some time to actually appreciate something. In this case it's appreciating the surroundings.

Whanau member/cousin Christine has three children. One of them, Fran, is staying with us at present. She flew out from England last week to undertake a project at Hastings Hospital, as part of her process towards becoming a doctor.

I took her for a tiki tour around Taupo last weekend. The usual haunts: Huka Falls, The Craters Of The Moon thermal park, and The Lion Walk. The only things we missed were mini golf and an ice cream from Rainbow Point.

Fran is a good sight seer. She takes things in, doesn't look at things from a camera lens all the time, and didn't necessarily want to be documented as part of a photograph. She's still not a fan of photographs.

I managed to persuade her to pose a teensy weesy bit at each of the three locations though. Hence her being on the periphery of these photos.

Mr and Mrs Adam and Ashleigh Purdy have also been visitors to Red Phoenix Farm this week. Keen observers themselves - they're off to live in Australia for a while (Melbourne to be specific). 

Happy trails and safe travels to them.

Generation Y Purdys: Fanfa, Ashleigh, Adam
Love and peace - Wozza

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