Sunday, June 28, 2015

Good morning, good morning, good morning ah* (The Beatles)

I've always maintained that three things define my interests: Star Wars, The Beatles and Arsenal F.C.

It's high time that holy three was formally expanded.

Seinfeld - the greatest T.V. show of all time, has been a constant since the first time I saw it. It hooked me immediately (for the record, 1992, - it was Season 4, episode 1 - The Trip - when Jerry and George try to find Kramer in Hollywood).

Of the four - The Beatles is the earliest obsession (Ed Sullivan Show as a pre teen in the sixties), followed by the Arsenal (1971 and Charlie George), and Star Wars (1977 at a cinema in downtown Auckland).

That covers many of my interests - T.V., film, sport and music. I'm a simple guy.

My children know these things well. Samantha sent me a fantastic yellow submarine cup and saucer set for father's day (as she lives in SF I get two pressies per year - wahoo) and Jade gave me that Easter egg a while back. We opened it and scoffed it down on the weekend.

Jade also sent me this wonderful link to the Seinfeld set.

Which brings me to cereal. Jerry loves cereal. I have always loved cereal.

Growing up it started with basics cos we didn't have much to choose from: Weetbix and porridge was about it until Mr Kellogg discovered there was a market other than America for his corn flakes.

Trips to Sydney as a youngster were eye openers. They had things like Fruit Loops and Skippy Corn fakes and Frosties. Amazing!

These days I cobble together some gluten free cereals into a delish breakfast or dinner: 

  • Raspberry and Maple Nut Nograin-ola
  • Vogel's Cafe Style Light Berry
  • Gluten Free Granola from Adam and Eva.

Mix that lot together and it's a heavenly cocktail.

Mmm - can't wait until breakfast tomorrow now!

Love and peace - Wozza

* A bonus for you - one of the Kellogg's adverts that helped inspire John Lennon's Good Morning Good Morning on Sgt Peppers:

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