Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things that go to make up a life (Genesis)

Family Man (You may say I'm a dreamer - Chapter 9 part 1)

All the worlds I could have conquered
Are all inside of me
I have found the secret
Set my devils free
Now I want to raise my children
Proud and true and strong
Now I know the answer
I've looked for so long -
I'm a family man
Working every day for my family

Dragon (Family Man)

All baby pictures retell a familiar story: human babies are completely dependent on other people; human babies are supremely vulnerable. 

Babies have no control over what pictures are taken of them for instance. They just have to lie back and take it. 

Parents, holding their new babies are all the same as well. We all feel like this is the first and most important moment in the history of the world - and we're always right, you can see it in our faces! 

We suddenly get it - we have become our parents. We are now re-experiencing the moment we were born. We sense the connections. Bam. Right there. Back, and back, and back, and back, through the generations. 

It's a magic moment. 

I've been extremely lucky, having had four children with Jacky, becoming a family man!

This post is the start of the last chapter to my original autobiography. 

By way of introduction, I proudly present to you the cast of characters in Warren and Jacky's family.

Wozza's world creator,
Dulcie Mary Purdy, and her first son.
I was in good hands!

Then there was Jacqueline Frances Smith
Hair now became very important, 
even if it was a top knot.
A serene Keegan Warren Purdy, 1984

KWP and his mum who models 'the look' 
I was pointing out!

Adam Lennon Purdy

Adam (our special little guy)
makes four. Xmas 1986.
Samantha Mary Purdy, 1989.
Bright eyed, looking for action.
And then there were six as Jade completes the set!

Jade Michelle Purdy, 1990something
(LOL, joke Jade - 1991 right!)

Love and peace - Dad

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