Sunday, April 15, 2018

You say I'm a dreamer, we're two of a kind (The Thompson Twins)

Core personality - my essential self.

One potential measure of the self—how much you’re able to stay true to your principles despite what the world throws at you, is an interesting angle to consider.

Much of how I see myself is framed by that.

That's where honesty, personal integrity and loyalty to things like people and brands comes from because I like stability in some facets of my life.

Being a teacher forever, married to Jacky for 34 years, and a loyal Marks And Sparks customer comes, I guess, from the fact my father had the same haircut for 82 years - it worked for him, so why change a winning style. 

Less obvious is my openness - to wit this post and other stuff on these blogs. One of my poetry anthologies was called WYSIWYG 

But the self isn’t just the difference between what we might be, if we lived up to our ideals, and what we are. 

I find myself on a quixotic quest (maybe it started with Jonny Quest) to challenge myself, to learn, to improve.

You can say I'm a watcher, a reflector, a doer, a thinker, a dreamer (you know I'm not the only one).

So, there you go: that's brand Wozza for ya from my pov.

However, none of us are alone, none of us are completely defined by our own view of ourselves. We’re constantly bouncing off other people and looking at other people as a mirror of us. Our very sense of who we are is intertwined with what we see when we see other people look at us.

In that way - you create your version of me, regardless!

Love and peace 

You may call me Warren, you may call me Wozza
You may call me Nerraw, you may call me Purdstah
You may call me WNP, you may call me son
You may call me anything, because we're all one

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