Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog (The Band)

Wayhey! Here we are back in old blighty.

We arrived about a week ago and have been staying with Pat and Randy in Ferntower mansions, in the shire (that's Highbury and Islington in London to you). We've shared the place with the delightful Mikaela and her daughter, Olivia, from Austria.

We are currently in Chester, at a lovely B and B. Tomorrow we head into Christine's greater Manchester area for Irene's 90th birthday celebrations. It's a meeting of the clans day that I've been looking forward to for ages!

Lots of photos will follow.

Highlights have been many so far: I adore the tube - the smell just hooks me every time; the Tate Modern has a new exhibition of surreal paintings and sculptures - the sunflower seeds
are fantastic; we did a river cruise on the Thames - twas a sunny day and the air was invigorating; we saw a West End show with Randy, Pat, Mikaela and Olivia - Thriller Live, and it was a riot of music, dance and waterfalls (a leak half way through caused some drama but the show went on); FOPP and HMV and Oxford St are always must visits.

Today we left the shire to head north as I said - the satnav came in really handy! Today is the final day of the school year in the UK so the roads will be even more manic for the rest of our visit. But tomorrow is another day.

The photos will come after I get back to the shire and before we head to Paris on the 29th. Until then we're off to find a pub for some mushy peas, cod and chips.

Love and peace - Wozza

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