Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures come alive, now I' m dancing through my life (Irene Cara)

I'm adding this post from my iPad, on the run, as it were. I can't yet load my pictures but will do so when I get the technology to do that.

I kinda need to keep writing though, otherwise I'll forget things.

Yesterday was a magic day. We went from Chester to Ramsbottom, close to Bury, for Irene Purdy's 90th birthday celebrations; organized by Christine and David, her children. I had a fantastic time touching base with my UK relatives (pretty much the only relations too, except for Ross and Suzanne and her family).

Christine and David's families were there and it was my first chance to meet Jake and also Rowan's children. June Purdy looked as great as ever and her children were there as well.

Everyone looked fantastic. Especially Irene. She really reminds me of Biddy - feisty and youthful and fun of fun and enthusiasm. I hope she liked her birthday as much as I did. I had great fun watching her unwrap presents.

Well done to Christine, Alan, David for creating such a terrific day. Photos to come!

Today's adventures took in the Lake District and Wordsworth's Dove Cottage. Jacky and I fell in love with the Cumbria countryside. Dove Cottage was a real treat too.

Highlights of the last two days: Tom and Tom Junior's song for Irene, Jake's amazing music, Fran's poem, Tom's letter, Alan's cooking, Christine's photo montage, David's Irene book, the Stonegarth Guest House in Keswick (four poster bed no less), Irene's charleston, the Tom Tom stress reliever, the Thirlmere, the garden at Dove Cottage, the sunny weather, and Jacky loves seeing all the pets, dogs mainly, that she doesn't see in the desert.

Tomorrow we are off to Biggar and then Edinburgh.

Love and peace - Wozza
That's it fer now.

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