Sunday, July 31, 2011

Honeymooning down by the Seine ( Fabs)

Day two of our Paris visit. Yesterday saw us walking around Notre Dame and the banks of the Seine (not sure if it was left or right bank). We went underground, beneath the area in front of Notre Dame for a great look at Roman ruins that have been preserved, amazingly enuf, for all these years.

We managed to avoid gypsy con artists, the worst urine soaked footpaths, and the many people selling old copies of JFK's assassination newspapers (why do the French have such a fascination for him?) as we wondered along the Seine.

Today was mainly about us looking around the Louvre and especially the Mona Lisa along with everyone else who visits the museum. My main highlight apart from that (it is special standing in front of the real deal) was setting off the alarms by standing too close to a Bruegal. There is so much detail in his paintings and there was no indication I was too close until the bells started ringing and the security arrived on the scene.

We have just returned from dinner and I have had too much red wine so this whole post will probably make no sense in the morning.

One more full day here tomorrow. We have tried to see things we missed last time - hence the cathedral and Louvre. Tomorrow? Dunno. It's another day innit.

Love and peace - Wozza

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