Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'll shout it to the blue summer sky, and we may never meet again (Hunters and Collectors)

Last week was my 'farewell from Cognition and from school' week and loads of people said lovely things about me. It was cool!

I was telling Jade about my farewells and she said, "It's like your birthday". She's right.

Thursday especially felt like that - centre of attention, pressies, speeches, smiles and joy all around. It was great.

Lots of favourite moments topped off by Salem (one of the Arabic teachers) shaking my hand as he left school, saying, "Goodbye Warren, have a good life". It was so genuine, so heartfelt and so simple I got a tad misty eyed as I walked away - I do confess.

Ma'a salaama to Mohammed...

...and the housekeeping team - Hakim, Morgan and Divan.

The Cognition Dream Team (now and always) said bon voyage to me and SWMBO at our favourite haunt - Shakespeare's in the Al Ain Mall.

Davego and family,Jan, Sue, Gavin, Hisham, Pete and Nola.

David, Pete, Davego, Sue and the birthday boy.

SWMBO with Davego, karen and family
And that's it for the Arabian adventure.

So long to all my friends. I have met so many wonderful, inspirational people and I know I will miss many things about my life here but it is time to shed another skin and get started on the next bit. Who knows what's next and that's exciting!

Love and peace - Wozza

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