Monday, March 19, 2012

Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue (Tom Petty)

SWMBO and I have been busy sorting out the stuff to bring back to NZ next week and the stuff to donate to friends in the building and elsewhere. Of course, we've also been shopping for the new house.

Inspired by Patrick and Randy's London home in the shire we are aiming at a theme for each room. I love the way they have their red room (TV lounge), a blue room (spare bedroom), white music room, modern stainless steel sleek kitchen and so on.

Their red room has red curtains, red wall coverings, red sofa, red ornaments. It's red red red all over and it looks spectacular! Not only that but it's very cosy and a great lounge/living space. It shouldn't work really - all that red is an initial jolt to the senses - but it does!

Unfortunately we are like many people who accumulate a variety of different styles of furniture over a number of years. We have collected art work from exotic locations on our travels, along with loads of knick knacks and ornaments, so that over the years rooms have taken on a jumbled jumbo sale type of look.

Before SWMBO gives me a slap I should say that I am obviously over exaggerating and she has impeccable taste for interior design and colour co-ordination. It is me who is to blame for an eventual mish mash of styles.

BUT - I have acknowledged that I have a problem and the solution is the coherant thematic way forward for our home in Otane.

We have so far settled on a rustic theme for the lounge (in my mind this means autumnal colours to go with our oak furniture); the master bedroom is to be gold and white with a definite Arabian theme going on; the first spare bedroom has a regency look (yes all the regency furniture will find a home there).

That leaves the third bedroom and my music room/enclave/extension/studio (I dislike the concept of 'man cave' so forget that one). Incidentally, the music area is henceforth to be known as...(I'm open to suggestions - the room needs a name).

I have been given free rein to furnish the music room as I like so look out!

Love and peace - Wozza

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